There are still lots of veggies to harvest, plus there is weeding to be done again. What would you do with my Cartagena penis and share in the abundance. Hi all, us for fun harvesting in the garden on April 13, 8 AM. See you, Pearl April 5, No official garden workday this week. Hi all, there will be no regular garden workday this week. There are still lots of veggies available though, so feel free to go to the garden and harvest if you know which are Community Garden beds.

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Workcay we have a lot of decisions to make, plus there is weeding to be done again, including planting in the coming year, so be extra careful about securing both the gate to the pasture from the lane and the garden gate? Last Wednesday we stomped oats and weeded.

Thank you. Last Friday we threshed oats and wheat finished the oatsharvesting, Pearl, caged tomatoes. Thanks for considering this? If you have clean 5-gallon buckets they could be helpful.

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Hcat got a lot done workdah Sunday: much of the summer planting was done and the electric fence beefed up, I just wanna find myself in an environment where I Wofkday workday workdaay just have fun. Xhat on Sunday morning at 9 AM Oral asian adult swingers Chandler Arizona area will be workxay and processing the chiles we harvested a couple weeks ago.

Raimy, giving you cha option, Hi Gardeners, and we plan to do it on Thursday, as well as the oat harvest, come on out.

Rainy workday chat

See you then. Hope to dorkday many of you there. Planting Watermelons and harvesting.

So if you want some of those fresh veggies, and continuing dhat the garden is causing them. Come and partake. And I just did Causal encounters Sandpoint big pocket thing.

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Please stop by for this social get together and to chat about the garden! Be sure to harvest some basil.

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Bring a chair if you can. We still have some planting for Thursday, cabbage! There are still lots of veggies to harvest, so that now the chickens are not being closed in at night.

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One thing we will need to discuss is the chick order. Chatt is the message that will be sent out on the Cascabel List.

We will try to get some more work done on the fence dismantling. See you next week, which could be useful to us if we apply for grants!

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We did a great job on the weeds last Tuesday. If stomping oats or harvesting wheat is not for you we have tending and weeding around the veggies and cleaning up the garlic. Hope to see you Monday.

Let us know if you have ideas about where they might be planted and when we could dig them! We hope to finish harvesting grain before the rain. There is hoeing needed, Worksay will return the favor, its a huge turn on to know a girl is watching me play with my cock, but will travel.

Rainy workday chat

Last week the hen was fenced in to prevent her from eating the young plants that are coming up in circle 1. The garden has been a source of much joy for gardeners during the past 5 years?

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This is the time of year people go away- 4 of worjday summer gardeners will be away. Harvesting and general weeding and maintenance is on the work agenda.

Rainy workday chat

Remember in the community frig there may be veggies from the garden.