I've revised each chapter of this ongoing story of two cousins and updated to HTML format. The boys and setting in this story are real. Their Looking fo play time for each other is true. Even though I have known these two boys from their birth, I have no proof of their sexuality toward each other. The sex in this story is purely fiction derived from my imagination. As I write this story they are twelve years old.

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Tony finished washing his cousin, stopping only to play with his soapy boner.

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The frogs in the pond were singing and the crickets were loud with fireflies blinking on and off in the dark of the night. It's nothing like I've ever felt before.

I was so ready! It was slippery. Jack washed his foot and in between his toes, then washed his way up his leg to his groin.

Look on your tummy. The sex in this story is purely fiction derived from my imagination.

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Well you don't smell like a bed of roses yourself. He continued to wash his best friend as he had done to him. They both got little boners right away. We can drink them after stodies mom and dad go to sleep. After several seconds he couldn't take any more of his cousin sucking his wiener.

His longer legs have been awkward and he often stumbles or trips. What'd it feel like?


Their bodies are well toned from playing so hard. The boy's sex play was an extension of their love they shared for each other. Housewives wants real sex Mc Roberts three and atories half inches erect. Tony licked and kissed his way down his cousin's body. Stuff like the girls at school that they thought were cute and what they would like to do with them.

He has messy, long, curly, black hair.

Gay cousin stories

Like a burst of light, it hit him. Tony licked the insides of his smooth legs. Jack being three weeks older has never played into their relationship.

Jack sees Tony crest the hill above the pond. Tony was as hard as he was going to get at twelve years old. He rummaged through it until he found the two cans of beer. Jack started to hump his cousin's hand.

Gay cousins stories

Let's try it. Jack liked the sensations that his cousin was implementing upon his young, naked body.

Gay cousins stories

Tony then licked up farther to his cousin's boner. They live with their respective families about three hundred yards apart. The only light he saw on was the kitchen light.

Other than that, he is the ideal, cute, little boy. You just made sperm.

Gay cousins stories

It was so intimate for them. The boys have always known each other as a whole.

Gay cousins stories

Their warm young, naked bodies touching. The tip of his penis glistened from the dampness. But he thought he would humor his cousin, since it appeared his parents were asleep. Stop Tony.

Gay cousins stories

His complexion is smooth and unblemished. Kissing each other was something they had just recently learned that they liked to do.

Jack continued to wash Tony's throat and started down his chest. The boys sat and shot the shit as they drank their beer.