Auter University of West Florida Abstract. A computer bulletin board service BBS operated by The Evansville Courier a Scripps-Howard newspaper in was field-tested on a convenience sample us sex guide destin people with regular access to computers and modems in the small, mid-western city of Evansville, IN. The four-week field-test measured individuals' bulletin board usage, gathered their impressions of the service, and basic demographic information. Qualitative and descriptive quantitative indicated that most people who owned computers with modems in were not yet computer and BBS "literate" enough to want access to these services. No longer do newspapers compete only with TV, radio, and other print media, they are increasingly losing readers to the Internet.

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This study examined the demographics of potential users of a newspaper-affiliated community BBS in the mids, how often they utilized the service, and what features of such a service Ecansville preferred.

New York: St. Cox and Times-Mirror planned to put their services on Prodigy. Still, readers should know that participants utilized the games service only three percent of the time.

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Once someone finished the closing survey, they were officially "out of the test" and additional usage statistics were not tabulated. Nationwide survey finds 11 Evsnsville US homes already equipped to travel the information highway.

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There was also a substantial subject mortality in regard to the closing survey, only slightly more than participants completing the closing survey. Silverstone, R. Dutton Ed.

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Katz Eds. Jenkins was inducted in April Human Communication Research, 19 4 Interestingly, many of their wants and expectations of these services are not dissimilar to current online users.

They were also asked questions about their experience by the researcher. This file may not be publicly distributed or reproduced without written preds of the Communication Institute for Online Scholarship, P. Journal of Applied Communication Research, Horny bichs 52323, The of the school's investigation remain unknown and the university has declined to publicly comment on McCarty since his termination.

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McCarty, 46, had also skipped an Aug. Closing surveys were intended to be filled out just before a respondent logged off the service classofied the last time.

Friedman Phillips, A. The closing survey. Computer system-generated usage data.

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Another area that engendered some controversy was the on-line games section. The seven lines were nearly always busy, resulting in a drop off of new users.

This suggests that online media may be considered functional alternatives for traditional newspapers. However, because new technologies change the way things are done, even ificant improvements may take some time to gain acceptance with a larger of users. This is not surprising giving the strong anti-commercialization sentiment of on-line adopters in the mid Evansviloe.

Evansville courier and press classified

Respondents discussed their general opinions of the service and their favorite BBS features. Stephen Eds. Most realized then that in the near future, their markets would be able to support a regional bulletin board service.

Evansville courier and press classified

Participants were less interested in using the Courier On-line service courjer information gathering. Although uses and gratifications theory may be well suited for the study of new technology usage, it had been only occasionally utilized as a framework Casual fun monday night studying computer-mediated communication CMC until more recently. The public is less interested in technology that allows for modest improvements in existing services.

Review of the Literature Uses and Gratifications Theoretical framework. Trevino, L.

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Uses and gratifications of online newspapers: A preliminary study. Electronic Journal of Communication, 7 3.

Palmgreen and Rayburn have built upon that in discussing the expectancy-value model of media usage. Rafaeli, S. Harris later bought out C.

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Gannett acquired Journal Media Group effective April 8, Electronic bulletin boards and "public goods": Explanations of collaborative mass media. Beverly Hills: Sage.

Evansville courier and press classified

As had been the case with Belo, the Courier and E. The goals of many newspapers attempting to go online were to capture the young reading audience, make a profit off the venture, and determine the best way to maintain an online presence as the hardware and software options changed at a rapid pace. Starling in produced the History of Henderson County, a thick volume that has served as a foundation for subsequent Henderson history books.

Horny Astorville girls a random national phone survey of over households conducted inthe researchers found that computers were used to fulfill entertainment, escape, habit, and time passing gratifications.